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    Ord Cantrell (-21, 264)
  • Planet:
    Ord Cantrell (12, 16)
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  • Chatillon Estates
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  • Bartertown
  • Chatillon Estates
  • De-Purteen
  • Highhall
  • Jakit Leuz'inou
  • Lorien
  • Tortuga
  • Whitechapel
  • Upezzo Jubinloo

Broadcast from Alissma

March 2, 2024

As the signal gains strength and the static reduces, voices may be heard.  A male human voice says:
“Kuro, transmitters are warming up and we are starting the broadcast.”
The reply is from a voice with vowel sounds that change between a deep cat-like purr and soft growl:
“George, dial up holo-chapel number four for me, I’ll use that background today.”
The human replies:
“Kuro, how about number one, or one of the newer ones?”
The feline voice says:
“No George, number one was rubbish, and so are the new ones.  I prefer the original.”

The signal becomes stronger and an image of a humanoid cat-like creature appears.

Image of Kuro Neko

The creature takes a deep breath and speaks:

“Hark, ye faithful souls of Ara’s creed,
And all others who heed this message, take heed:
I am, Kuro Neko, Steward true,
Of Alissma’s realm, and Ara’s due.

“As Ruetsavii’s priest, I come to thee,
With words of solace, grace, and glee.
In Alissma’s name, I bid thee well,
In this cosmic dance where destinies swell.

“In yonder realm of the celestial dome,
Secular shifts doth stir the galaxy’s roam,
Yet in the bosom of Alissma’s fold,
We keep our faith, our spirits bold.

“I stand afore thee this blessed day,
To assure thee, in words of fervent sway,
That as Alissma tends thy holy shrines,
Thy spiritual havens shall ever shine.

“If Alissma doth manage thy holy halls,
No shift shall mar thee, as fortune calls.
Thy coffers shan’t dwindle, thy revenues true,
Under Alissma’s management, still accrue.

“Fear not, dear souls, in this turbulent tide,
For Alissma’s light shall be your guide.
Though worldly winds may fiercely blow,
Our devotion to Ara shall e’er glow.”

The speaker, Kuro Neko, pauses and looks down at his script.

Kuro Neko raises his right paw and says:

“The sign of Ara”

With his paw Kuro Neko draws a vertical line in the air, then moves up and slightly to the right, then across horizontally, makes a little half-circle, moves up vertically, and then makes another quarter-circle with a half-twist.

As the broadcast fades, Kuro Neko says:

“May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His vengeance be wrought upon your enemies.”

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