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    Ord Cantrell (-21, 264)
  • Planet:
    Ord Cantrell (12, 16)
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  • Chatillon Estates
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  • Highhall
  • Jakit Leuz'inou
  • Lorien
  • Tortuga
  • Whitechapel
  • Upezzo Jubinloo

Clan de Chatillon


About the de Chatillon Clan -

The Kiffar are a humanoid species native to the planet Kiffex in the Inner Rim of the galaxy. They have a unique ability to read a person’s memories and emotions by touching an object that belongs to them. The Kiffar were organized into clans, with each clan having its own customs, traditions, and social hierarchy.

One of the most prominent Kiffar clans is the de Chatillon clan. The clan was formed by the marriage of Ouranos and Danu, two powerful Kiffar who united their families and resources to create a dominant clan. The de Chatillon clan rose to prominence and became one of the most affluent Southern Kiffar clans.

The de Chatillon clan’s power was centered on their extensive estate, which controlled large swathes of land in the southeastern areas of Kiffex. The rich fields provided plenty of sustenance for the people, and the clan became prominent exporters of wine. They also controlled some of the more advanced starports, which allowed them to trade with other systems and prosper.

However, the de Chatillon clan’s power was disrupted by the Civil War that erupted on Kiffex. The war was fought between the Northern and Southern Kiffar clans, and it devastated the planet. Many of the de Chatillon estates were destroyed or damaged in the conflict, and the clan suffered significant losses.

After the Civil War, Artemis de Chatillon, the current head of the family, decided to move the entire clan to the Outer Rim world of Ord Cantrell. The decision to leave Kiffex was a difficult one, but Artemis believed that it was necessary to ensure the clan’s survival. The move to Ord Cantrell was also an opportunity for the de Chatillon clan to start anew and establish themselves in a new environment.

The de Chatillon clan’s move to Ord Cantrell was not without its challenges. The planet was remote and had limited resources, and the clan had to rely on their skills and ingenuity to survive. However, the de Chatillon clan adapted quickly to their new environment and established themselves as one of the dominant clans on the planet.

Artemis de Chatillon’s leadership was instrumental in the clan’s survival and success. He was a strong and visionary leader who was committed to the welfare of his people. Under his leadership, the de Chatillon clan thrived and became known as one of the most prosperous and influential clans in the Outer Rim.

Today, the de Chatillon clan remains one of the most prominent Kiffar clans in the galaxy. They have established themselves as successful traders and merchants, and their influence extends far beyond Ord Cantrell. The clan’s success is a testament to their resilience, adaptability, and strong leadership, and they continue to be a source of pride for the Kiffar people.

Clan Members within the Conglomerate -

Artemis de Chatillon

Artemis de Chatillon is the current Governor and overseer of the planet, Ord Cantrell. He maintains numerous investments and societal initiatives across the planet, including the sprawling palace district known as the Chatillon Estates. The leader of his Kiffar Clan, Artemis ensures the ideals of the Chatillon name, Ord Cantrell and the Conglomerate all integrate and work in harmony.

Artemis was born on Kiffex, a world scarred from intense conflicts. His father, Cronus de Chatillon, had achieved great status through his service as an intelligence analyst for the Galactic Empire. This afforded the Chatillon’s a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle compared to many others who suffered the effects of war. Cronus had three children with his wife Rhea. The children were Artemis, Silenus, and Iris. Of the three Artemis was the eldest and so was often entrusted with the responsibility of being the ‘man of the house’ during the times that Cornus was absent from the family home. This early authority shaped Artemis in later life as he developed a desire to dominate every domain he crossed.

Of the other two Chatillon children, only Iris profoundly affected Artemis’ life. Iris was plagued by illness throughout her life, and the strain which resulted from her constant state of distress dominated almost all interactions with her, which lead to tense, frequent rifts in the Chatillon family. Due to Artemis’ excellence and Iris’ illness, their brother Silenus fell through the cracks. He was neither remarkable nor suffering, and as a result of this neglect within the family, he left home early. Eventually, Silenus would find himself incarcerated for many years for reasons which were as inconsequential as his childhood.

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Rhiannon de Chatillon

Rhiannon de Chatillon is the current wife of Governor Artemis de Chatillon and a prominent figure in the de Chatillon clan. Born and raised on the planet Kiffex, Rhiannon comes from a well-respected Kiffar family with a strong tradition of social justice and community service.

From a young age, Rhiannon showed a deep interest in politics and advocacy. She was passionate about using her skills and knowledge to make a positive impact on the Kiffar people, and she pursued her goals with fierce determination and dedication.

Rhiannon met Artemis de Chatillon, the head of the de Chatillon clan, early in her career. The two quickly became friends and allies, sharing a common vision for a more just and equitable society. They fell in love and were married in a grand ceremony on Kiffex.

As the wife of Governor Artemis de Chatillon, Rhiannon has played a vital role in the governance of the de Chatillon clan. She is highly respected for her intelligence, her compassion, and her unwavering commitment to social justice. Rhiannon serves as a trusted advisor to her husband and is actively involved in the clan’s business ventures and charitable initiatives.

Throughout her life, Rhiannon has remained a steadfast advocate for social justice and equality. Her tireless efforts have helped to improve the lives of countless Kiffar, and her legacy continues to inspire the de Chatillon clan and the wider Kiffar community to this day.

Sadie de Chatillon

Sadie de Chatillon was a mistake even before she was born. Rhea de Chatillon spent months on end while her husband, Cronus, traveled for business. Time apart caused Rhea a great deal of loneliness, and she found consolation in the arms of Andreas Colvarin, a Grey Jedi Kiffar. What started as a one night stand grew into a secret affair resulted in an unwanted pregnancy. Rhea tried her best to hide the discovery from both her husband but eventually she had to come clean. Cronus was enraged at the news, and the thought of how much shame would come to the de Chatillon clan at the discovery of such a scandal was more than he could bear, resulting in him demanding that Rhea get rid of the child. Unable to face that decision, she told Andreas of her pregnancy and Cronus’ demands. Andreas was as enraged about Cronus as the other kiffar was of the pregnancy and demanded Rhea go through with the pregnancy and give the child to him. Begrudgingly, she agreed, and after naming her Anaideia, Rhea gave her daughter over to Andreas to be raised in secret.

Growing up was a simple endeavor. Andreas, not wanting his child to be burdened with a name that would give others false impressions of her before even knowing her, decided to give the child a new first name, as well as his own last name instead of Rhea’s. Thus, Sadie Colvarin was how she was known. Sadie wanted for nothing while growing up, though her father ensured that she understand the meaning of hard work. Although Rhea provided them with a steady income so that they could live well off, Andreas decided it better to set the money aside for Sadie upon her coming of age. It was discovered at an early age that Sadie was force sensitive, and Andreas took great care in teaching his daughter about the ways of the force. It was clear to the girl that by her father’s teachings, sith was bad and jedi was good. Thus, she focused on ensuring she followed the ways of the jedi, never knowing that her father himself wasn’t a jedi or a sith, and that there was another way.

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Tanis de Chatillon

Tanis de Chatillon was born on the planet Kiffex as a member of the Kiffar species, known for their strong cultural beliefs. Growing up, she had many cousins, and her family played a significant role in shaping her character. Despite her youth, Tanis was known for her capable leadership and innovative ideas. Her passion for the arts led her to become the Cantrell Institute of the Arts director, displaying numerous exhibits of exotic herbs and barbiturates from across the galaxy.

Tanis is a charismatic and cheeky young woman known for her quick wit and playful personality. Her signature green hair symbolised her creativity, individuality, and constant need to smoke something. Despite her challenges as a young leader, Tanis was determined to succeed and inspire others to follow their passions. Her adventurous spirit and natural talent for leadership make her a beloved figure in the Ord Cantrell community, earning her many fans and admirers.

As Tanis continues to make her mark on the Arts Institute and the broader Kiffar community, her future remains bright. Her drive and determination are matched only by her compassion and kindness, making her a true force for good in the galaxy.

Danae de Chatillon

Danae de Chatillon was born on the planet Kiffex during the years of civil unrest and is the oldest child of Diana and Ajax de Chatillon. The woman left her homeworld at age 18 and has been travelling and working throughout the galaxy, often consulting with her older cousin Artemis de Chatillon. Danae is an influential and active member of the Clan de Chatillon, aiding her cousin and Governor Artemis de Chatillon on numerous family matters.

Danae currently travels most of her time for business associated with Cantrell Consulting. The Kiffar believes in balancing work and family obligations and often returns home to Ord Cantrell where she now maintains a residence on the beautiful Chatillon Estate.

Inside the Conglomerate, Danae has held numerous leadership positions, including the role of President for almost a year, before deciding to step back from the intensity and hand responsibilities over to her sister.

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Harmonia de Chatillon

Harmonia de Chatillon, born Year 0, was the second daughter born to Ajax and Diane de Chatillon, both prominent members of the de Chatillon clan. From the time that she could walk and talk, she had it in her mind that she was the head of the household, and that everything in it was hers. In fact, her parents to this day swear that the first words to come out of her mouth were “No, mine!”. As she got a little older, she would try to order the households servants to get her sweets and items that were either out of her reach, or that she knew she wasn’t supposed to have, when she was not following her sister Danae around, annoying her as little sisters often do.

Harmonia’s early education focused on both survival and hunting skills, as well as the tools needed to run an estate. Her father, though allowing his youngest daughter to get away with much while on the estate, much to the dismay of her mother, was a strict taskmaster when out in the field. He expected perfection from her, and was not one to suffer too many mistakes when the skills he was passing on could be the difference between life and death. Though she felt like she was excelling in all tasks that her father set before her, it was never quite good enough for him, and he would constantly compare her to her sister. Every time that she felt that she had surpassed his expectations, she would be reminded that Danae had completed it faster, had been more quiet or had hunted a larger beast. From an early age, she had come to see her older sister as a rival for her father praise, and this would only spur her on later in life.

Her mother was in charge of her tutelage of all other matters, and where she herself lacked, hired only the finest tutors for Harmonia. She also instilled an appreciation for the arts in her youngest daughter, and encouraged her burgeoning talent with the piano, going so far as to obtain an antique Grand Piano for her to practice on. When she wasn’t hunting or taking her studies, Harmonia threw herself into perfecting her ability. This was something that she alone was good at, something that couldn’t be taken away from her, and she devoted herself to being better than anyone else, winning countless awards and accolades for her talent, some critics even calling her a prodigy. 

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Calypso de Chatillon

Calypso de Chatillon was born into the famous de Chatillon family, known for their extensive reach and the cultural significance they bring to the galaxy. Despite being the family’s youngest member, she quickly made a name for herself as a skilled socialite, using her extensive network of friends and associates to gather information and intelligence from all corners of the galaxy. As Calypso’s reputation grew, she became an invaluable asset to intelligence agencies and security forces across the Fath Sector. She maintained informants within various networks to help prevent threats to Ord Cantrell’s peace and security.

Eventually, Calypso’s skills and experience led her to be appointed as the commander of the Cantrell Defense Force, charged with providing security across the planet of Ord Cantrell, its orbital stations, and the Fath Sector. In this role, she demonstrated her leadership and tactical abilities, working tirelessly to ensure the safety of the planet’s citizens and the stability of the sector. Despite the pressures of her job, Calypso remained a beloved figure among her friends and associates, known for her quick wit, kind heart, and unwavering dedication to the greater good. Her story was a testament to the importance of hard work, perseverance, and the power of personal connections in achieving success in the galaxy.

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