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Interview Insights: Diverse Perspectives!

January 3, 2024

Farewell Festival: Interview with Zarthaffot and VanowZute from Tib Festival Comission (TCC).

“Greetings, citizens of the galaxy! My name is Rina Finnall of the Eclipse Systens News Bureau and I am thrilled to report from the capital of Tibrin. As the sun sets on another incredible chapter, we bid a fond farewell to this year’s Eclipse Festival in Tibrin. The laughter, music, and joy that filled the air over the past month have created memories that will last a for the rest of the year. We had the opportunity to Interview Zarthaffot and VanowZute from the Tib Festival Comission (TCC)”





Zarthaffot: “We want to express our deepest gratitude to each and every one of you who contributed to the magic of this festival—artists, performers, volunteers, vendors, and, of course, our amazing attendees. Your energy and enthusiasm have made this event truly special.”

VanowZute: “As the festival comes to an end, we carry the spirit of unity and celebration with us into the future. We hope the connections made and the experiences shared will continue to resonate in your hearts. Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey. Until we meet again next festival, stay connected, and keep the Eclipse Festival spirit alive.”

Zarthaffot: “Wishing you all the best until next time!”

VanowZute: “Warm regards from the Tib Festival Comission!”







Philanthropy Unveiled: Interview with Aurelio Quinton from Total Galactic Trading Empire (TGTE).

Greetings again! is me Rina Finnall and I am thrilled to share with all of you the talk we had with Aurelio Quinton the leader of Total Galactic Trading Empire about the recent news about a Philanthropy Celebration.




“Welcome tonight Aurelio, Where are you from? How is to live there?”

I am not really from anywhere, not that I know of anyway, my memories as far back as I can remember, I have lived most of my life aboard ships. That being said I now call Maal in the Corporate Sector home, but still spend most of my time of ships as I find them comforting rather then being planet side.

“Can you tell us more about you? Any new Hobbies?”

” If you had asked me that question several years ago, I would have told you that I had no time for hobbies and I was all about the next trade, sourcing the next multi million credit deal. The thrill of the chase I like to call it, the rush you get when you find something under priced and make several million or sometimes billion of credits in profit on it. Now days though, I am getting older and whilst I still trade from time to time, I like tending to my gardens and also passing on my knowledge to those that are willing to listen and learn.”

“Can you tell us how Total Galactic Trading Empire started?”

“My dear friend Gilbert Reed created Total Galactic Trading Empire and asked me to run it for him, I thought it sounded fun at the time and here I am several years later plodding away at the business, alas though my dear friend has vanished and I have not heard anything from over several years now. I do hope that he hasn’t met foul play and that one day we will reunite and talk about old times.”

“What would be the greatest virtues and weakness of Aurelio?”

“My greatest virtue, hmm, let me think about this, so that I word it correctly, I like to help out those that are deserving, not give them a hand out, but point them in the right direction and if the use of my assets can help them out, then I am all for it, no point in them sitting idle. As to my weakness, I can’t help myself when it comes to a quick deal, trading runs in my blood and always will.”

“What can you tell us about your daily life in the TGTE?”

“There is not really much to it now days, for the most part many tasks are automated, but I would have to say networking is the biggest part of my daily life.”

“What is about this new Giveaway you are doing? What about the prizes per week? “

“It is an almost free give away, but there is a catch and I have thrown it in there as many throughout the galaxy are quite precious about their rental income they derive from the many residences and businesses and the like that they own. Therefore I decided that if I am going to put up 6,206,601,130 in credits and prizes, I am going to in return ask for something that most are not willing to give. There is the conundrum do they enter and give up some income or do they watch it all go by. All the prizes have been supplied by myself and are my own personal assets, I will obviously suffer a huge financial loss, but it is fun, so it is worth it to me..”

“What would you advise someone who wants to participate? “

“Pretty simple really, figure out what your income is from a particular facility, I can tell you a personal residence might net you 200 credits per week a semi detached house, maybe 1000 credits per week, enter 1,000 semi detached houses and it only costs you 1 million credits to enter each week and like wise with personal residences 200 x 1000 entered is only 200,000 credits each week, it barely costs anything at all to enter and most will not miss the little income those facilities that are entered will generate on a weekly basis. At the end of the day if you enter 10,000 facilities or 1, you need to enter something if you want to win. You won’t win anything simply sitting by and watching it all pass you by.”

” What plans do you have for the this year?. “

“This years plans are 2 fold, see the almost free give away to the end and to constantly expand my trade station network, currently is there is over 150 locations spread through out the galaxy. You can access by:” Galactic Market Access Holonet

“Can you tell us more about Total Galactic Trading Empire?”

“TGTE is all about allowing everyone access to the galactic market in safety, many of our locations are out of main inhabited systems thus ensuring your safety when using one of our stations. “

“What you think about the conflict in Serroco and Derra?”

“I try to stay out of conflict, don’t get me wrong my fleet comprises some of the most powerful warships in the galaxy and some of the fastest fighters to compliment them, but I find the current conflicts to be unsettling and I feel for the many innocent lives that are being lost.”

“Anything else you want to say Aurelio?. “

“I think that is about all for now, thanks for the questions and I look forward to seeing how things develop through out this year.”



Soap Company Standoff: Unraveling the Strike in Eriadu.

In an unprecedented move on the lush jungle planet of Eriadu, a soap strike has brought daily life to a slippery standstill. Workers from the Whipped Galaxy Soap Co. demand better working conditions and eco-friendly soap production. As the soap supply dwindles, residents adapt to alternative cleaning methods. Tree-sap showers and leafy scrub brushes become the new norm. Environmental activists support the cause, urging the company to embrace sustainable practices. Negotiations between the Whipped GCO and the striking workers are underway, leaving the fate of cleanliness in the jungle hanging in the balance.





The Director of Whipped Public Relations Vitaly Stratos stated: “We value our employees and their contributions to Whipped GCO. Negotiations are ongoing, and we’re actively working to find a resolution that benefits everyone within days.” She highlighted the company’s dedication to maintaining a positive and collaborative workplace.As the soap strike continues, residents are left wondering about the future of their favorite hygiene products. Stay tuned for further developments on this sudsy labor dispute!.







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