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Change in Leadership of Mandalore

July 30, 2023

Some changes are swift.
Some changes are big.
Some changes are silent.
The latest can also be said about the recent change in leadership of Mandalore. 

As it is tradition, the change was sealed with a duel between the former leader Korlan Mereel and Zachill DeSol, who had the position of second in command on Mandalore.
Few Mandalorians were present when DeSol and Mereel performed the sacred ritual that resulted in the transference of leadership. Besides the two combatants, a few of the clans’ elders were present to witness and attest that all was done fairly and honorably. 
After the acknowledgement of the victory by clan elders present, Zachill journeyed to speak before the council of Mandalore and to receive the governmental leadership. 

As he wakes in the great halls he is flanked by two massive Wampa, clearly showing his origin in the K’yltek clan, who are known as silent hunters and beast tamer. 

Zachill before the council

Addressing the council and the people of Mandalore he says the following:

Before Mandalore, I was nothing.
But with Mandalore, I am all. 

I was taught to wear my armour and to care for it.
I mastered fighting against creatures and bandits. 
I have battled inner challenges of hate, prejudice and laziness.
In my duty, Mandalore taught me much.
The fleet under my command grew continuously. 
I gathered more and more friends and allies.
I advanced through the ranks and gained knowledge in many areas, so that strength and battle-hardened steel became a part of my whole being. 

Like the Krayt Dragon grows as long as it lives, we are to advance all days of our lives. If we don’t grow, we are dead. 
Some people say that Mandalore is almost dead.
That is not true!
We have been growing in power and technology, advancing in many areas invisible to common folk. And under the cover of a great faction, a bright power is growing.

For me, growing further meant pushing past my boundaries.
For a long time I have served  under the lead of Korlan Mereel, and I followed the orders of Andrew Panzer and Tyr DeMeer before him. It has been a pleasure doing my duty in several positions. I have learned a lot through their wise counsel and have experienced the battlefield under their command.
In these last days, I have served as the right hand of our leader. I was given the charge over the military, economy, the training of new recruits and have been on various diplomatic missions abroad.
My tasks grew daily until there was only one possible step remaining.
Like the Vornskr in it’s coming of age needs to break free and fight his way to lead his own pack, I also needed to break free to continue my growth.

I challenged Korlan for a duel over his title and position. We met on the river bank just outside of Keldabe, the old capital of Mandalore. While his blade was swift and the cutting edge reflected the rising sun, my moves were quicker and my blaster was brighter. I emerged from the contest victorious. With that the leadership of Mandalore, the protection of our home, the guidance of our people and the training for a generation of new warriors falls into my hands.

I will take that duty with honor and respect.
I will do my best to lead Mandalore into a bright future. 
And I swear my allegiance to every clan that shares the duty to protect our beloved Manda’yim. 


In the days to follow Zachill will visit the chiefs of different clans, now as their leader. He will also make his journey to meet with official representatives of allied factions to discuss what a future together might look like.


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