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Mythosaur Rising: Uvete Tome

May 17, 2023

Tribes United

Nearly two years after the Children of the Watch revealed themselves to the public, they have come forward with a major announcement regarding the future of the tribe. Isolated from the greater Mandalorian culture, the Children of the Watch grew to believe that they were the last surviving true tribe of Mandalore, and that all others who would claim to be Mandalorian had grown lax in their observance of The Way. The Children have since realized that this idealism has only contributed to further division among the Mandalorian community. Stating that they wish to atone for their part in fracturing the overall culture, Ejix Oxo, Leader of the Children, had this to say:

“Even if the manner in which we practice The Way may at times vary, Mandalorians are strongest together. For the sake of the future of our entire culture, it is now time for the in-fighting to stop.”

Acknowledging the error of their ways, the Children of the Watch now recognizes and accepts the validity of other tribes and clans in the greater culture, despite differences in practice among them. The tribe intends to make amends with all of the other Mandalorian tribes, a monumental step they see as necessary in order to prevent further division, stating that this, too, “is The Way.” 

Marking the dawn of a new era for the greater Mandalorian culture, Axel Hyaaba, the former leader of the Children of the Watch, has abdicated the position in order to fully devote himself as a baj’haaryust, a teacher of The Way. Hyaaba recently met with reporters to make a statement on his views regarding this new reformation of the faith:

“I used to believe that The Way of the Mandalore in its strictest form was the only determination of who was a true Mandalorian. In my travels since revealing the Children of the Watch to the public, I have come to understand and recognize that wearing a helmet on your head is not the sole determining factor. Honor, loyalty, and character are greater indicators of a Mandalorian than allowing only the strictest interpretation of The Way. There are many tribes out there that follow The Way using interpretations that differ from those of the Children, and there are tribes that do not follow The Way at all. Still, all of them are equally Mandalorian.”

When asked if he would be removing his helmet in public, he stated, “My own traditions and convictions are set in stone. I will not remove my helmet because my personal faith still rests on that interpretation. That being said, my intention as a teacher of The Way is to help all Mandalorians, regardless of how or even if they interpret its tenets. Unification of the culture is what is most important. Mandalorians are strongest together.”

Axel Hyaaba is not the only one to have been ordained by The Way. Con Semper, Champion of Kad Ha’rangir, under the sacred Canons of Honor, has stepped down as leader of Aliit Vhetin in order to better serve all Mandalorians as a Keeper of The Way.

“It is not nations which define us, but our devotion to our way of life. We have allowed ourselves to be parted by borders for too long,” said Semper. When asked if he intended to keep his helmet on in public as well, he replied, “Kad no,” before immediately removing his helmet.

Clergy of The Way

Axel Hyaaba and Con Semper, teachers of The Way.

Together in their faith, Con Semper and Axel Hyaaba took to the stars on their quest for unity. Their mission was two part: to share The Way of the Mandalore with the various Mandalorian tribes that have been scattered across the galaxy, and to share their vision for the culture to be united despite the differences between each individual tribe. Their search was not easy. The pair’s commitment to their faith and their objective was tested at every turn of their voyage.

Semper and Hyaaba decided to begin their quest by first visiting Tor Aashrur, a city on the planet Mortra in the Morobe system. Famed for its presence of bounty hunters in the galaxy, the duo chose to start their search there since so many Mandalorians were bounty hunters by trade. Semper and Hyaaba entered one of the many taverns in the city, known to many as being not only a hangout for bounty hunters but also a place where contracts are taken as well. In this tavern Semper and Hyaaba met the famed Master Bounty Hunter, Belloq Tull. Together they took a table and soon found themselves deep in conversation. By the end of their time together, Belloq Tull had come to adopt The Way as his religion. He then told them of several other locations where they might be able to find other Mandalorians.

Axel Hyaaba meets with Sekou Tau.

Axel Hyaaba meets with Sekou Tau (left) and Talak Kasra (right).

Next, Semper and Hyaaba found themselves upon the frozen tundras of Quermia II. The pair braved the frigid climate as they continued their quest. They passed from the tundra into the dark timber of the forests, where they met the teeth and claws of a maalraas pack that was on the hunt for their next meal. It was in the midst of battle with the pack where they met Sekou Tau, who had come to aid fellow Mandalorians in danger. After the maalraas had all been killed, Tau brought Semper and Hyaaba to his clan’s covert to take refuge from the cold. By the fire, Semper and Hyaaba spoke to the clan about The Way. The entire clan was hesitant at first to hear what the pair had to say, but Tau took interest. Although his clan did not end up adopting The Way themselves, the next day Tau vowed to the Creed and adopted it as his own religion. He then pointed the pair towards the next stop on their voyage, the planet Epsom.

Upon reaching Epsom, Semper and Hyaaba were met on the landing pad personally by Talak Kasra, Aliit’buir be Ar’Klim and Emperor of the Krath. Together they discussed the importance of Mandalorian culture as well as The Way, and together they voiced their dreams of seeing the entire culture united. By the end of their time together, Kasra had come to accept those that follow The Way as a piece of the overall culture, but he himself chose not to adopt the religion. Kasra was, however, elated to have met other Mandalorians that shared a desire to see the overall culture united. As a gesture of goodwill towards the prospect of unity, Kasra offered the two a parcel of land where they would be capable of constructing a mighty city that would be become a place where all Mandalorians could congregate to celebrate their proud culture.

Axel Hyaaba meets with Nejal K’teefah.

After leaving their new friend, the pair continued their journey. They soon found themselves under the blistering twin suns of Tatooine, following rumors of a unique sect of Mandalorians that lived in Beggar’s Canyon. Continuing their search over the harsh sands, Semper and Hyaaba were tested in combat several times by Tusken Raiders before they had finally successfully found the tribe that they were searching for: Aliit Opakwa. Welcomed into their camp by Nejal K’teefah, the pair did their best to learn the unique practices of this Jawa tribe. In exchange, they shared The Way with the Opakwa. K’teefah accepted The Way and took its Creed, adopting it as his religion as well.

With Tatooine behind them, Semper and Hyaaba expanded their search. The pair encountered Sinya Ani of Aliit Wren, who invited them to join her in hunting a group of space bandits that were causing problems in an asteroid field that her clan was working in. The pair agreed and joined with Ani and her clan to bring hellfire down upon the bandits hidden amongst the asteroids. After helping Aliit Wren, Semper and Hyaaba sat with their leader, Panzer Burnier, to discuss The Way. The entire clan was moved by what was shared with them and they immediately chose to also adopt The Way as their religion.

A portrait from the halls of Kaze ZiIl’s home, depicting him with his adoptive father Con Semper.

They next travelled to the moon of Quantxi in search of Semper’s adopted son, Kaze Zill. The reunion was a joyous one, with the two sharing a close relationship. Together they dined and caught up, discussing the Mandalorian culture as well as politics. Semper introduced Zill to Hyaaba, and together they discussed their vision for cultural unity and taught him about The Way. Zill came to respect The Way as another piece in the diverse culture, but he himself chose not to take its Creed. He did, however, affirm his interest in seeing the culture united despite differences between tribes. Once their time together came to an end, Semper and Hyaaba again took to the stars.

The swamps of Despayre is where they found themselves next. The swamp lands were infested with rathtars, a danger that would have stopped most from continuing onward. Semper and Hyaaba were not deterred by the beasts, however. They trekked through the swamps, ever wary of the tentacles and razor teeth that might come after them. It was in the swamps of Despayre that they met Teroch Qir-zan and the rest of Aliit Qir, where the tribe was tracking a pack of rathtars that had been frequently attacking their enclave. The companions joined the war party and helped them kill the rathtars and destroy their nest. After the hunt had ended, Semper and Hyaaba spoke to Qir-zan and Aliit Qir about The Way and of Mandalorian unity. After a very long discussion, Qir-zan and Aliit Qir decided to adopt The Way as their religion.

Con Semper and Axel Hyaaba approach Teroch Qir-zan (left). Con Semper speaks to Jevon Lambright on the importance of unity (right).

At the suggestion of Teroch, Semper and Hyaaba set their course for Manda, home of the Mando’ade. When the companions touched down in the capital, they were met at the landing pad by a Mandalorian combat unit with blasters drawn. With tensions at their highest, the pair calmly requested an audience with Jevon Lambright. Upon meeting with Lambright and his council of advisors, they discussed with him their desire to see the entire Mandalorian culture united together. They then spoke to him about The Way and taught him the tenets. Lambright and his council deliberated on what the two had brought to them. Ultimately, the Mando’ade came to accept The Way as another piece of the overall culture, although they did not choose to adopt The Way as their religion. Lambright, however, did decide to adopt The Way as his personal Creed. He also offered to aid the pair in their quest to see the culture united in whatever manner he could.

Semper and Hyaaba were welcomed upon Manda’yaim, where they were able to hold an audience with Korlan Mereel and Zachill DeSol. They brought the message of The Way before them as well as the importance of seeing overall unity for the entire culture. Although Mereel and DeSol did not choose to adopt The Way as their Creed, they did express their utmost interest in seeing the fractured Mandalorian culture repaired and united. As a gesture of friendship and of goodwill towards that end, Mereel personally gave Semper and Hyaaba a tour of the Klath’mor, one of the great cultural sites of the Manda’yaim.

Con Semper and Axel Hyaaba speak to Korlan Mereel on Manda’yaim.

Despite danger and impending doom lurking in every corner of the journey, their fidelity to their faith and mission never wavered. More importantly, their camaraderie as fellow brothers under the helm never faltered.

Together, Semper and Hyaaba were able to effectively spread the teachings of the Way to many of the tribes and clans scattered across the galaxy. They complemented each other well, as opposites united in their cause: Hyaaba represented the traditional and orthodox observance of the religion, whilst Semper appealed to those who approached the Way with differing ideas of practice and interpretations of the Resol’nare.

Con Semper and Axel Hyaaba meeting with one of the many clans scattered across the galaxy.

Where the pair excelled most was in demonstrating how the two worlds could exist together in harmony for the greater good of all. Semper and Hyaaba were successful in bringing The Way to many clans, but more importantly they were able to spread the message of unity.

The Way of the Mandalore, as a religious community, is committed to the improvement of the entire Mandalorian culture and to all who commit themselves to the greater tribe. The organization aims to build infrastructure throughout the galaxy that will be available to all Mandalorians to utilize, as well as building cultural centers that will give all tribes a place where they can gather as one people. The Way of the Mandalore plans to host tournaments, hunts, and other events that celebrate the rich and deep warrior traditions of the Mandalorian culture.

The community will be run completely not-for-profit, with all donations, funds raised, and tithes used directly for building and increasing solidarity among all. They will do their best to help every faction, group, tribe, clan, individual Mandalorian and foundling in whatever manner that the Creed demands, be it outfitting a foundling with equipment or helping an organization sell its wares in a cultural center. Although they would like to see the religion widely adopted by every Mandalorian, The Way of the Mandalore is here for all Mandalorians regardless of practice or politics. Mandalorians placing Mandalorians first: This is The Way.

Though dedicated to their cause, The Way of the Mandalore cannot improve the culture and community without help. You can support The Way in their quest by donating credits, resources, time, or talent. The Way of the Mandalore also asks that all Mandalorian governments, organizations, tribes, clans, and individuals join their holoserver, so that they can be registered in the culture’s census.

The Journey of Con Semper and Axel Hyaaba did not end after their meeting with Korlan Mereel. Semper and Hyaaba have again taken to the stars to continue their quest of bringing their message of The Way and of overall unity to the rest of the tribes and clans that are a part of this culture. Maybe someday their dream of seeing Mandalorians of all tribes, affiliations and beliefs working together might just become a reality.

Axel Hyaaba watches fleets of Mandalorian ships coming together.


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