Ord Cantrell : Whitechapel

The second attempt at establishing a colony on Ord Cantrell, Whitechapel is a ghost of its once dreamt glory. The first colonists here found the environment unforgiving and brutal compared to their sister-colony of Bartertown. This lack of natural resources lead to a breakdown in order and eventually the city descended into a gang-ruled den of chaos. Several attempts were made over the decades to try and pacify or assimilate the rebellious city. This only lead to added numbers in the gangs and a growing disinterest in trying to save the colonization attempt. This would be a fatal mistake years later when savage warlord would make use of this hive of scum and villainy as his base of operations. Allowing him to prey on the innocent citizens and merchants down stream. This warlord reigned until he mysteriously disappeared when making a routine recruitment run in Hutt Space, only to be replaced by an enigmatic Kiffar who appeared in-system a month later.

Whitechapel is considered the most dangerous city on Ord Cantrell. Order of a sort was established about 2 years ago thanks to efforts of the Governor and the Guildmistress. A tenuous alliance between the feral gangs and Artemis' Clan-backed gangs allowed for an armistice in the city. Intercontinental trade resumed for the first time in decades and the future of the city actually seems attainable for once.

Places of Interest:

  • Whitechapel Citadel

Whitechapel - A Ghost Town