Ord Cantrell : Upezzo Jubinloo

Upezzo Jubinloo may be the oldest settlement on Ord Cantrell, the matter is one of great debate between the local Jawas and the Trade Master's of Bartertown. The city was an ulcer for the previous regime and bears the scars from years of skirmishes and raids. However the citie's inhabitants were sturdy folk that were able to resist or evade most serious damage in the long run. With the new Kiffar government taking over, the city found itself no longer under threat. Largely due to a unique and bizarre trade agreement between the Governor and the local Jawa leaders. The settlement now operates as a hub for almost all trade convoy's operating on the southern continent. The population is almost all Jawas however a small non-Jawa compound located on the outskirts of the city provides rest and provisions to any visitors or convoys.

Upezzo Jubinloo is arguably safe for visitors, however the Jawa's prefer customers to visit. Loitering within the city complex may result in an unforseen loss of funds or an ion nap.

Places of Interest:

  • Jawa Marketplace
  • Convoy Public House
  • Waff'mla Ranch

Upezzo Jubinloo - The Jawa Bazaar