Ord Cantrell : Tortuga

The capital city on Ord Cantrell and the main seat of power for the Kiffar regime that rules the planet. Tortuga started out as an outpost for traders making the equatorial transit from Bartertown to Whitechapel. It remained a modest size during the previous warlord's reign and was mostly left to develop on its own, as long as it's occupants paid their dues of course. With the influx of Kiffar refugees, at the new Governor's behest, the city boomed in population. The sub-tropical climate of the northern coasts of Ord Cantrell was surprisingly similar to the climate of the ancestral Chatillon grounds on Kiffex. Since the city was little more than a trade outpost, the settlers quickly added to its infrastructure and helped cement the new regime's power over the region.

Tortuga is considered reasonably safe for most visitors, however visitors are heavily encouraged to arm themselves before roaming the streets. Clan Chatillon guardsmen patrol most streets and deter most petty crime.

Places of Interest:

  • The Drunken Pirate
  • Tortuga Seaport
  • Tortuga Starport

Tortuga - The Pirate's Mecca