Press Releases

Reports sat down with Red Lotus relgious leader, Harmonia de Chatillon to understand the latest beverage that's taking Ord Cantrell by storm, and to gather a greater understanding of what makes Red Lotus different from the other more mainstream religious prevelant within the galaxy today.

The Kiffar was very welcoming and open to all questions, commenting specifically on what the religion is, stating that "Red Lotus itself is a Church that promotes the Polytheistic belief that everything is inhabited by the Spirits. The Spirits help to guide those that are able to hear them. Anyone can become a follower of Red Lotus, and we do not turn any away, regardless of politics, financial status or race." It's welcoming nature was echoed throughout the beautiful woman's attitudes and demeanour through the conversation, even having several recruiters stating their intent to visit the church within the near future.

A Red Lotus Flower

Guests and dignitaries to the discussion were then granted a brief tour of one such Red Lotus church, while being provided brief glimpse of a Red Lotus farm. Invitees were not granted access to the farm due to their highly cared for and quarantined nature, instead being show a small plant growing in isolation for demonstration purposes. Ms. de Chatillon elaborated further on the famed Red Lotus flowers by stating "The red lotus flower was previously found only on Kiffex and Kiffu and had been used by Priests and Priestesses for millenia to help them commune with the spirits. When brewed into a tea and consumed, the drinker opens themselves up to a higher consciousness, that allows the Spirits to speak to or through them."

It's believed reporters and guests were then offered Red Lotus tea to experience the professed higher consciousness, however none were able to accurately recount their experience, given its highly possessive and secretive spiritual communication. No doubt someone will be able to explain this further in future, however at this stage the experiences are shrouded in mystery to the many of the galaxy.

While the propects of seeing someone arrested in Tortuga are quite high on any given day, Cantrell Internal Security were bemused today to find a local merchant attempting to sell a product called 'Breathe Easy'. The product blurb was detailled to provide articifical oxygen from the Kel Dor homeworld of Dorin via a one-time injection, allowing the alien form to avoid the use of an oxygen mask. Believing the substance to be counterfit, testing was conducted and it was quickly determined that the gas had no oxygenic components within its compound, instead simply being Thala Siren milk, converted into a gas form.

After survellience operations successfully tracked the merchant known as Kip Zortuna to a warehouse on the outskirts of town, a raid was conducted to apprehend the suspect and their supply of counterfit gas. Upon securing the facility, security officials confiscated upwards of fourty-seven Thala Siren's, chemical conversion equipment, along with numerous completed canisters and a bizarre collection of calendars entitled, 'Thala, They'll Ring Your Siren'. The counterfit material and equipment was logged for processing, the Thala Siren's were transferred to a local Wildlife Preserve, while the calendars were promptly destroyed out of respect to the Thala Siren's and the lack of desire for explicit beastiality to be distributed publically.

Kip Zortuna Arrested

Mr. Zortuna now faces upward of twenty-seven galactic cycles within the confines of a Cantrell Prison if determined guilty, but his ability to engage with an Thala Siren's was swiftly provoked through the instituting of a restraining order against the species, an order that would be in effect throughout all of the Fath Sector and surrounding, allied sectors. Mr. Zortuna could not be reached for comment.

Commotion was felt throughout Highhall today when a local Jawa merchant was forced to disrobe after it caught fire during a vehicular inspection. While Cantrell Internal Security were quickly on hand to aide and extingush the flames, onlookers were horrified and confused, having never seen the diminutive race without a robe before. One witness was interviewed shortly after the incident.

Onlooker Recounts Trauma

"Fa ritke ye wanya hee bkhonse, bacaka wa kaae dhapee mo kaa. Jee gee nobata heee bai kankahuesa mee chetpheda fa, uba ritke gee bai doth heee."
Huttese Translation: "It just looks so bizarre, like a little nub or something. I have no way to really describe it, you just had to be there."

The Cantrell Institute of the Arts has commented, advising they will offer free counselling and physciatric services to the Jawa, as well as any onlookers traumatised by the events of the fire, or seeing the Jawa in its true form.

The official holonet of Ord Cantrell and the Cantrell Conglomerate was unveiled today by Governor Artemis de Chatillon from within his palace on Tortuga. When asked about the need for such a glamorous endeavour, the Govenor provided a usual, dimplomatic response:

"Well, you must ask yourself. Why not?"

The holonet provides updated listings of Ord Cantrell Bounty Hunting hubs, production assets and some cultural history of Ord Cantrell and its prominent cities. Flyers and other information was distributed to ceremony attendees by palace staff, before access was provided by the distribution of free datapads for guests.