Ord Cantrell : Lorien

Once a humble mining colony, Lorien has grown to being one of the wealthiest cities on Ord Cantrell. Through investments from Clan Chatillon and local trade guilds, the small town was transformed into a tourist hotspot. Opulent high-rises and hotels that mimic the lush surrounding forest dot the city's skyline. With tourists came entertainment and Lorien plays host to the highest density of casinos anywhere on the planet. As the wealth concentrated there came a need to manage it and so the city expanded into banking and trade.

Lorien is quite safe compared to Tortuga. However what it lacks in roving criminals, it makes up for in organized criminal groups that percolate throughout the casino and banking industry in the city. These groups of course are all being sanctioned by the planetary government and thus still accountable to the Governor.

Places of Interest:

  • The Queen's Quarry Casino
  • Lorien Starport

Lorien - Forest of Wealth