The History of Ord Cantrell

Ord Cantrell began as an outer rim depot for the Galactic Republic many many years ago. A small population flourished until the fall of the Republic and the depot and its population were forgotten and left to fend for themselves. In time more nefarious elements found their way to the underdeveloped and undefended system. These nameless brigands warred with the local population until eventually they submitted to their rule. This was the status quo for years until a young enigmatic Kiffar managed to subvert the auto-defenses on the planet thanks to his recent acquisition of an antique corvette that had been utilized as a command center for the entire planet. The previous warlord was proclaimed dead and many of his followers fled to the wilderness of Old Cantrell or left the system for other outer rim worlds.

A year later an influx of Kiffar refugees began spilling onto the planet, brought there by the same Kiffar who had laid claim to the planet. The diaspora came from the civil war that embroiled Kiffex and many Kiffar found a new home on Ord Cantrell. This influx allowed for a new regime to take control over the planet. Clan Chatillon, which previously held much wealth and territory on its home planet, were now the overseers. Control was tenuous at best and skirmishes with the former occupying forces were common. During this conflict the head of the clan was injured in an attack. The doctors did what they could but the Clan leader had to be put into a stasis coma to allow for the body to fully heal. With his absence the chaos on the planet seemed to grow until only a few cities were safe and the rest of the planet was considered lawless. To make matters worse, the facility which housed the stasis tank came under attack and partially destroyed. Leading many to believe their leader died in this attack. The Kiffar leaders sought an uneasy truce with the militants on the planet and certain areas were seceded to them.

This uneasy peace lasted until a fortuitous moment of chance. A Jawa scavenger discovered the medical wing of the facility during a salvage run. The stasis chamber and life support were still operational and the curious Jawa accidentally reactivated the slumbering Kiffar. They exchanged formalities as best they could and went their separate ways after the Jawa filled the Kiffar in on the current state of the planet. Awakened and physically changed by the prolonged stasis the Kiffar embarked on returning prosperity and tranquility to Ord Cantrell.