Ord Cantrell : Highhall

The youngest settlement to rise to prominence, Highhall's early beginnings were nothing more than a humble smuggler's cove. Traders looking to skirt the old regime's tariffs would sell their wares at the developing blackmarket located just across the sea from Tortuga. Once the new government had taken control and it's policies of trade enacted, the need for a smuggler's cove evaporated. This left a vacuum of use which was serendipitously replaced by bounty hunters and mercenaries traveling into the Outer Rim. Eventually a Mandalorian presence became established and through negotiations with the planet's government became caretakers for the city, which they dubbed Highhall.

Highhall is considered safe to about all visitors, assuming one doesn't disturb the peace. The Mandalorians provide security within the city and for the trade routes south of it that crosses No Man's Land.

Highhall - City of Honor