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When Kiffar immigrants first came to Ord Cantrell they interacted with the Jawa trade convoys of the Southern Hemisphere. This interaction lead to an interest in Jawa religion, chiefly The Tinkerer. The Kiffar settlers were a polytheistic spiritual people who saw commonality between The Tinkerer and their own spirits. The settlers beseeched the Jawa Shamans for more information or liturgy. Eventually the Shamans relented and shared a small fraction of their practice deemed suitable for Non-Jawa. This cultural exchange would be the foundation for a unique branch of Tinkerism to flourish on the backwater world of Ord Cantrell. Mixing the spiritual values of the Chatillon Kiffar clans and the mysticism of Jawa lore.

Excerpt from “Jawas of Ord”
The Jawa Clans that inhabit the southern Hemisphere of Ord Cantrell are rather unique compared to other clans across the galaxy, writes lead researcher Dr. Talazoo Masafat. The Ugnaught researcher had spent over a decade with Jawa Clans on Tatooine before taking up a research grant with the Cantrell Institute of the Art's Research branch. The dominant clans on Cantrell are descendants from an initial exploratory salvage expedition that landed sometime after the second colonization attempt but before the fifth. When the Kiffar Refugee Influx of year 10 ABY came decades later, the initial small crew had blossomed into a complex hierarchy of Jawa clans that spread from the Gorra Mountains in the west all the way to the waff'mla (Jawaese for desert) in the east. The settlers of Bartertown had a tenuous but amicable relationship with the Jawas, a relationship that enabled the new Kiffar regime to cordially interact with the older residents of the planet.

The most curious thing Masafat writes however is that the Jawas on Ord Cantrell actually chose to occasionally venture into the jungles that bordered their desert. The reasons for this peculiar decision were due to the rich minerals that were easily mined from the soft jungle dirt. The gem they found abundant and desirable was the crystal Nova. This highly volatile and dynamic material allowed for the population to maintain their energy needs and is the reason behind the unique colored goggles the Jawas protected their sensitive vision with. One final peculiar trait was the grey slate colored robes they chose to wear. Compared to the Tatooine clans who chose warm browns, the Cantrell clans' robes helped them blend in to the rocky landscape that dominated most of the southern hemisphere.

Artists Rendering: Jawas of Ord Cantrell

"Indeed they are an adaptive and curious race who delight me with new knowledge daily," says Masafat who plans to maintain his study for a few more years before embarking on his next quest.

Excerpt from “A Royal Wedding: Behind The Scenes”
Year 21 ABY had many momentous events on Ord Cantrell but none were as opulent or high status as the wedding of Avelyn ca Vella, Mercedes Morgan, and Zoe di Vigne. Cantrell Geographic had the exclusive opportunity to see what all it took to make this wedding the magical ceremony it was. Fashion and Culture writer Jazha LaFioe visited with the planetary government’s Bureau of Trade and Tourism where she was able to ascertain records on expenditures that help paint the opulence of the scene...

Wedding Budget:

  • Food & Alcohol - 8,237,012 cr
  • Entertainment - 11,452,107 cr
  • Labor - 26,048,118 cr
  • Shaman Tithes - 5,450,000 cr
  • Decorations - 6,092,885 cr

These public records show the wedding cost, at least, over 57 million credits. Employed nearly 300 locals to work as additional attendants and servers as well as having a guest total around 650. Clearly this event was a powerhouse event...

...LaFioe, a crimson Zeltron who has spent most of her years following the fashion holovids out of Lorien and chasing Chatillons from social event to social event, applied her same acumen to this project and discovered a handful of hijinks that actually occurred during the event. It seemed that there were multiple counts of public urination on Estate property, most of these were attributed to some of the Governor’s more unsavory friends. Names are still undisclosed. A member of the Cantrell Board had to be fished out of the baths after refusing to leave, claiming that “no aquatic seating had been seen to.” But despite these quirks of the evening many artists sought to capture the beautiful day. Holovids and dolls have already been produced en masse for the clamoring citizens of the planet that want to remember the event for years. One local artist even chose to memorialize the wedding with a painting capturing the Eye-snatcher release over the end of the ceremony. Truly the social event of the decade that will be spoken of fondly for years to come.

Painting by local artist Traude Fonet "Heart Snatching"

Excerpt from “Whitechapel's War-torn Streets”
This week marked the anniversary of the Sid Nha Peace Accords in Whitechapel. A city whose name strikes fear in many citizens across Ord Cantrell. The history of the city is tenuous and fraught with travesty. It can be traced back to the earliest colonization attempts during the time of the Grand Republic. Bartertown was the first successful colony on the planet, so successful that core-world investors wanted to try for another. They would spend several decades trying to get a successful second colony on the planet. But due to climate and other unforeseen issues the second colony never lived up to it’s shining brother down the coast. This would cause a rift between the lucrative merchants of Bartertown and the scavengers and thugs that made up the remnants of the colonists in Whitechapel. Warlords would rise and fall as the city of crime’s influence spread over the planet. A reign of terror that only began to be addressed when Artemis de Chatillon first came to the planet...

...Year 18 Welona Day 13 ABY marks the historic peace treaty between the Chatillon backed gangs and the independent factions in the city. The treaty acknowledged the Kiffar regime but also guaranteed the autonomy of Whitechapel. The accord had some sentient rights activists concerned since a large portion of it dealt with punitive actions towards any unlawful actions or citizens after the accord. This came to fruition in the creation of the massive labor complex known as Sid Nha. Anyone on the planet who broke the peace accords would find themselves sentenced to years of hard labor on the sprawling complex in the Gorra Mountains...

...Cantrell Geographic had the exclusive opportunity to send one of their writers to the city where the future is starting to look brighter than ever before.

Life recovers in Whitechapel, citizens slowly retake the strewn city as they rebuild their futures.

“The streets are no longer rife with violence and citizens have finally acclimated to a life free from warfare.” said Tari Nafoonin, global correspondent whose aim has been to reach and record the life of the common Cantrellian. The Kubaz had spent many years working as a research analyst for other news organizations across the galaxy before settling into his project on Ord Cantrell. Since his arrival he has recorded a steady drop in crime and a boom in interplanetary trade between the other cities and Whitechapel. For the first time in a decade people are actually *wanting* to visit the city...

Excerpst from “Fair Skies For Lorien”…
Ord Cantrell has long been a popular tourist destination for the glamorous and seedy denizens of the Galaxy. Mostly due to the planet’s ideal location just beyond the Mid-rim on the edge of the Outer Rim. Tourists can enjoy the thrill of exploring the Outer Rim and her dubious inhabitants in cities like Tortuga or Whitechapel. For many others the allure to Ord Cantrell lies solely on fair Lorien’s shoulders.

The city was one of the newer settlements on the planet. Starting out as a small ardanium mining outpost, Lorien soon outgrew these humble beginnings. Through a combination of colonial investments and interstellar financial investments, the city grew into a tourism and gambling hot-spot in only a few years. Towering luxury flats, designed to mimic the forest canopy around the city, quickly rose over a multitude of casinos and cantinas below as the city flourished…

…Due to Ord Cantrell’s planetary tilt and orbit, the climate of the northern hemisphere maintains a reasonable climate all year that never reaches any extremes. This weather allows for Lorien’s resorts to operate at full capacity year round. This wealth drew many banking and trade organizations to the city and in no time at all it was one of the most prosperous settlements on the planet…

View of Lorien during the day.

…The city Lorien isn’t only famous in her own right, she was also home to Guildmistress Avelyn ca Vella before her rise in prominence on the planet. Indeed the city is home to many wayward travelers in the galaxy, many coming in the hopes of following in her footsteps or to carve out their own fame and fortune on the planet and eventually rise to the stars…


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