Ord Cantrell


Ord Cantrell Governor

Artemis de Chatillion

If you're looking for access to the tropical paradise of Ord Cantrell, or have an interest in discussing development opportunities within the system, Art is your man.

Avelyn ca Vella

Want to enlist the services of Ord Cantrell or the Cantrell Conglomerate? Ava is your best point of contact to begin scoping of work.

Danae de Chatillon

While she may not look like much, Danae is the most respected bounty hunter on Ord Cantrell. She also assists with all aspects of management of the Cantrell Conglomerate and can be contacted for any aspect of discussion or negotation.

Angwyn Eyre

If you're looking to obtain some of the Cantrell Conglomerate's wares, or have seen something on our public marketplaces and bazaars that you wish to purchase, Angwyn is your best point of contact. Likewise, if you believe something you posess would be of value to Ord Cantrell, Angwyn is the best place to start in order to commence negotiations.