Ord Cantrell : Bartertown

The oldest settlement on Ord Cantrell, Bartertown started out as the initial colony during the days of the Grand Republic. The city grew over the years into the largest city on the planet and hosts the greatest density of merchants. As the city and her population grew it became hard to control some of the more divisive members of the population. Eventually a schism happened and many fled the city to seek adventure in the fledging colonies of Whitechapel and Tortuga. Many joined the bandit clans that roamed the large ocean-river that encircles the planet and preyed on the bustling ports of Bartertown. This lead to the creation of a Merchant's Guard that still exists today although they serve a new master.

Bartertown is considered one of the safest cities on Ord Cantrell. It is the home of many merchants and tradesmen of varying races. Work can typically be found quite easily since the trade guilds are always hiring bodyguards for convoys heading west.

Places of Interest:

  • Temple of the Tinkerer
  • Cantrell Colloseum
  • Bora Kora Zoo
  • Bartertown Marketplace

Bartertown - City of Trade