About Us

The Cantrell Conglomerate is a group of organizations led by Guildmistress Avelyn ca Vella in partnership with Ord Cantrell Governor . It was intially founded through the parent company Fairwind Exotics, which spawned what would eventually be a growing enterprise comprising of numerous companies, and various affiliates. y Governor Artemis de Chatillon.

The conglomerate is made up of several organizations currently, namely:

  • Archangel Armaments & Equipment - Military Arms Manufacturing
  • Cantrell Consulting - Security, Surveillance & Convoy Services
  • Cantrell Institute of the Arts - News Organization & Cultural Education of Ord Cantrell
  • Fairwind Exotics - Sales & Trading Operations
  • Fath Industries - Demolition & Reclamation Initiatives
  • Orbital Research and Design - Starship Research & Manufacturing
  • Red Lotus - Kiffar Religious Affairs & Rituals

Why Cantrell?

We provide a community that welcomes outsiders of all walks of life, without discrimination of race or sexual kink. Being part of the Cantrell Conglomerate provides you with access to enhanced, centralized infrastructure to help grow your arsenal or armada. It gives you a purpose and life outside of the everlasting Galactic Civil War so prevelant within the galaxy, instead allowing you to establish roots for you and your family with Kiffar followers and sympathizers, in pursuit of peace and prosperity.